Automatic Robot Vacuum Cleaner on Sale with Wi-Fi Connected

Don't want to clean your room, this automatic robot vacuum cleaner can meet your room-clean demand, contact with Wi-Fi and enjoy your leisure and housework time.
  • Path Planning: This vacuum cleaner has the path planning function. Press the direction key, the machine will turn to the continuous button direction, release the button, the machine stops cleaning, press the Enter key to restore the normal cleaning mode.
  • Wifi Configuration: Download and install "WeBack" app by scanning QR code or searching app in Android or Apple app store. (Note: When using the remote control to remotely control the host, please keep it within 5 meters of the host. Otherwise, the remote control may be invalid.)
  • Multifunctions: The best robot vacuum for cleaning of family houses, hotel rooms and small offices. The best robot vacuum for pet hair, the best robot vacuum for carpet(carpet hair is shorter than 1.5cm), the best robot vacuum for hardwood floors, the best budget robot vacuum, remote control vacuum cleaner.
  • Package: Robot host, Remote control(no battery included), Charging base, Power adapter, Cleaning tool, High-performance filters, 2 side brushes, Water tank

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Cute little thing

It is indeed a robot with good cleaning ability, but it is too small. If you want to clean the whole home, you need to empty the filter multiple times

So far so good!

It does a good job getting up pet hair and dirt/crumbs on our hard floors. But it goes for a LONG time before needing to recharge.

Make my life much easier

With 3 kids and so many pets, I barely have time to clean the floor. This vacuum cleaner really save me, and make my life much easier.


We have tried a lot of different robo vaccums over the years. Some didnt work at all, Some stopped from transitioning from.wood floor to carpet, and some were so big that they could never reach the corners.
This vaccum by far is amazing!! Works great on both floor and carpets. Reaches all corners. Can essily go under the bed and other loe furniture. The mapping is pretty decent, it will cover all of the area.

save my time

This TAB robot vacuum cleaner is very powerful and saves me so much time. I have such a floor area and didn't want to spend all day sweeping. It really does the job.