55" Kids Mini Indoor Outdoor Trampoline With Enclosure


The three-year-old is a lively and active age, and they want to do something all the time. To allow children to exercise safely, scientifically, and healthily, this 55’’ mini kids trampoline with guardrails can exercise the kid's leg muscles and jumping ability very well.


  • Item: Indoor and outdoor kids trampoline with enclosure. Thanks to the mini trampoline size, kids trampoline can be easily put in the room so kids can bounce freely at the indoor trampoline park. That makes it an ideal indoor trampoline. Meanwhile, when the weather is fine, parents can also take this small trampoline outside, it's an excellent outside trampoline as well.
  • Benefits of playing trampoline regularly
    1. Helps to grow tall. In the child's growth stage, do more jumping sports, such as playing basketball, playing trampoline, and so on. It's good for children's development.
    2. Healthy sport. Trampoline is a very healthy sport. In the process of jumping, it can promote the development of the cerebellum and improve the balance of the body.
    3. Helps digestion. Children in exercise can help the body to increase the absorption of calcium.
    4. Promoting communication. Parents can play and chat with their children indoors, or play trampoline with other children outdoors to strengthen their communication.
    5. Promoting learning. Research shows that active children are more flexible. After the game, the children learn faster.


      • This trampoline with enclosure, so you don't have to worry about children falling or getting hurt while playing. Besides, the bottom is equipped with thickened soft cushion and built-in sponge. It can not only protect your baby in all directions but also reduce noise when bounce.
      • Best jumping place: The elastic band provides a good rebound for children, so children will jump as higher as they can. They are very safe in happy games.
      • Protective frame cushion: Protective foam tube can reduce the risk of injury and protect your child from contusion.
      • Purse seine design: the purse seine at the bottom of the frame prevents children from getting under the trampoline.
      • Padded handle Bar: a 360 degree padded handlebar makes trampoline safer and provides support when kids jump.
      • Easy to move and dismantle: The round trampoline is lightweight, easy to carry and move, so it is suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Foldable design makes it easy for you to disassemble trampoline and help you save family space.


        • Gross Weight: 26.5 lbs
        • Net Weight: 24lbs
        • Weight Capacity: 110lbs
        • Material: Steel + Fabric + Foam
        • Product size: 55’’ x 64’’ (D x H)
        • Size: 4.5ft trampoline

          Customer Reviews

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          Awesome trampoline for a playroom!!

          I love this trampoline because it's the perfect size up from the toddler jumper. Another huge reason I love this trampoline is because I wanted an indoor trampoline and this is not too big and not too small.